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MC Aviation

MC Aviation, which was implemented in 2012 as a result of a long-term strategy, sets out to meet the need for private air transportation, hangar services, technical support, and maintenance that emerged in parallel with the development of the tourism sector in Turkey and it serves as Turkey's most luxurious jet hangar.

MC Aviation provides private jet operation, management, hangar services, and technical maintenance of aircraft of different segments and sizes, including passenger aircraft, lounge service, transfer, and rental services. The company's fleet includes one Global Express long-range super-luxury jet and one Learjet 60XR medium-range jet, launched under the Bombardier brand.

Contact Information
  • Atatürk Havaalanı, Özel Hangar Bölgesi Genel Havacılık Terminali E Kapısı Hangar No 22 Sefaköy / İstanbul / Türkiye
  • Resepsiyon: +90 (212) 322 86 86
  • 7/24 Uçak Kiralama: +90 (549) 807 84 01
  • +90 (541) 200 15 72
  • @mcaviation_